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congrats you all, you got this page to 100 likes!

I appreciate that at least you guys still somewhat care XD

The special is on it's way so be on the lookout! ))


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Nikolai Ivanov
Name: Russian Ground Forces/ Kuban Cossack Host

Human Name: Nikolai Vladimirovich Ivanov

Age: 1,157 (855 AD) (Kuban Cossack Host was formed until the late 18th Century by migrating Zaporozhian Cossacks)

Human Age: 25

Gender: Male

Looks: Tall, around 6'4"/6'5". Has a modified Chupryna haircut (a mohawk style with a braid in the back). Has a few cuts here and there from combat. Has brown eyes and brownish/black hair.

Persona: Calm, does have PTSD from WWII and worsened after Afghanistan in 1979-89, but usually collected. He is also very shy. He also is not a big fan of NATO either, since NATO and the Warsaw Pact were enemies during the Cold War. He is personally friendly towards Lieuteant David Ben Torhaim, the Israeli Defence Force GOC Army and Captain Tom Williams, the U.S. Army, and tries to help the latter understand that Afghanistan is a failure. He fought in a Russian Volunteer Unit during the Yugoslav Wars and fought with the Serbians, adding to his dislike of the Middle East region; he is cooperating with the rest of the Russian Armed Forces with the Iranian Armed Forces.

Family Relations:
Yuriy Vladimirovich Ivanov (Ukrainian Ground Forces/Zaporozhian Cossack Host): Older brother
Andrey Alexandrovich Ivanovu (Belarusian Ground Forces): Younger, violent brother
Vladimir Volyakovich (adopted Middle name) Ivanov (Former Druzhina of Novgorod): Father
Elena Kutuzova Ivanova (Novgorod Republic): Mother

Orientation: Heterosexual

History (MORE WILL BE TOLD IN CHAT BECAUSE ITS SO LONG): When of age, he was chosen as the representative of the Landed Army of the Tsardom of Russia. He was reformed under the Regiments of the New Order. Then reformed into the Imperial Russian Army in 1721. In the late 1700s, he was in conflict with the Turks once again. He led a group of Zaporozhian Cossacks to the Kuban River and settled there. He gained the representation of the Kuban Cossack Host. He then fought Napoleon in the Napoleonic Wars and then fought the Japanese in 1905. When WWI broke out, he was ill equipped. He was recalled home to fight the Bolshevik uprising. He then converted to a Bolshevik and fought against the Whites and Ukrainians. He fought the Japanese in 1939 in Manchuria as the new Red Army. He held exercises with his later foe, The German Wehrmacht Heer, in Poland that same year. He fought WWII valiantly and was captured by the SS and put into the SS-RONA's (Russian SS Volunteers) famous Kaminsky Brigade by SS (Klaus Mayer). He fought back and left to fight for the Russians. He then stormed into Germany and defeated the Nazis. As the Cold War grew, he began to have a fond hatred of NATO. He was sent into Hungary, Somalia, Ethiopia, Cuba, Angola, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Korea, and many other places to fight Capitalism. In 1991, he was reformed as the Russian Ground Forces since the USSR fell. He fought the insurgents in Chechnya in 1993-1996 and again in 1999-2001. He served as a U.N. guard in Kosovo in the late 90's. He also fought the Georgians in 2008 as a result over land disputes between Russia and Georgia.

FOOTNOTES: He also has a crush on Ukraine, not for anything history related, but because he thinks she's very pretty.

Don't make me put my jackboot up your ass... just sayin...

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pridnestrovie 6 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist

*running in semi slow motion*

( okay I had to )
(This is.. 
Oh? How so? *has a giddy look* ))
(I saw the French foreign Legion, now I see the personified Russian army. I'm just surprised one can make military forces personified.

You did a fine job with the appearance as well as backstory and personality. Gut gemacht.)
Oh thank you! It means a lot to hear such great criticism! I read a lot about the Russian Ground Forces and Soviet Army/RKKA. I aim to make them have at least 95% historical factors in them. Thank you so much! 

P.S. I have my own personified FFL as well ;D ))

The girl wandered the streets of Moscow, all which seemed to be vacant, as the Germans were planning to invade, so the only inhabitants appeared to be the Government and their workers. She attempted to make as little noise as possible, as to be alarmed of the various attempts there have been to kill her for reasons currently unknown to the girl herself, as she had varied and unaccountable hallucinations, which began to make herself, even a target for the country she lived in. 

Nadya spotted the Soviet uniform-clad male and immediately breathed in, cold, frostbitten air forcing it's way into her lungs, both in surprise and fright. 

"В-Вы один из них?"
Nikolai looks over, clad in woolen overcoat and a Red Army NCO cap and a scarf wrapped around his head like a bonnet, to the girl. His tattered-gloved hands loosen on his PPSh and starts to walks towards her in curiosity. His gear shakes and the shashka sword on his side sways with each step. He stops in the middle of the snow covered street and looks down the avenue. He continues to walk towards the girl.
You've been tagged! :D
Thank you for the watch! :D
Not a problem .w. 
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